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Youth Project Coordinator (since 2012)

Studied Indology at St. Kliment Ohridsky Sofia University (1995–1998). Worked at Alpha Airport Services (2002–2007) and Musicautor (2007–2012). Experience in various fields, connectd with storage, database maintenance, copyright….
I love animals, books, good films, and also too many things to describe here. I never miss a chance to read. I’m rather laid back by character, often the people around me describe me as “clever, but lazy”. Knowledge in different fields inspires me, but I enjoy most looking up materials about history and geography, and of course – family planning. I like my work because of the variety and the challenges it offers. My personal contribution for the world to become a better place is doing my work conscientiuosly and on time, render support wherever and whenever necessary if, of course, I’m given a chance to do it.