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Daniela_DikovaDaniela Dikova,

Health manager and Family Planning health centre consultant

Graduates the Medical College with the Medical Academy (Sofia) in 1981 and also a Master’s degree in Health care and management at the Public Health faculty with the Medical University in 2006. Has worked at the National Internal Disease Institute with Alexandrovska Hospital (1982-2000) and at BFPA since 1992. Has experience as an advisory nurse and as a consultant in the field of contraceptive counseling, reproductive health, youth and health specialists training, STI and HIV/AIDS prevention, safe sexual behaviour, unwanted pregnancy, HPV; school sex-ed sessions, peer-to-peer trainings. Assistant at pap-smears for STI, cervical cancer tests.

In 2003 BFPA created the concept of developing a social enterprise (medical centre) with the idea that it will generate income which is to be used for achieving the organization’s main goals. At that time this concept was a novelty and despite the administrative setbacks the medical centre managed to start working and functioning to this very day. Thus, my job has become very closely related to organizing and management of medical services in the field of sexual and reproductive health. I find it satisfying and love to hear “Thank you!”, “I trust only you”, “A friend of mine recommended that I visit the centre”… During the busy days, both at work and at home, I make free time for myself to spend with my family and our pets, for theatre, opera or an interesting book. I am an accommodating person but sometimes I let my feelings show which is not always pleasant for those around. I get inspired by the propriety, professionalism, dedication and straightforwardness of my husband and other people’s good deeds. My work with positive, thirsty for knowledge and improvement young people enriches me and fills me with hope. It is very pleasant for me to see the indecisive teenagers, who visited the medical centre for the first time a while ago, turn into happy parents in several years. I try to pass on the knowledge, my personal and professional experience to the people who visit our centre, so they can build up a responsible attitude towards their and their partner’s health.