Radosveta Stamenkova / en

rada-web_lastDr. Radosveta Stamenkova,

Executive Director (works for BFPA since 1995)

Graduate from the French Language School in Sofia (1984); graduated Medicine in the Medical Academy in Sofia (1990). Successfully completed many specializations, post-graduate studies, training courses and qualifications in the field of NGO and health management, social medicine and health promotion, communication and training of trainers in the USA, Belgium, UK, Bulgaria and many other EU countries. Part of the Synergos Senior Fellows Network – class of 2013; Management Board member of the National Network for Children, Board member of the Valia Krushkina Fund and part of numerous other national and international expert affiliations and professional networks. Fluent in Bulgarian, English, French and Russian.

I am working as: Executive director, project manager, program coordinator, trainer, teacher, consultant, evaluator, senior expert, mentor, researcher, field worker, mediator, counselor, trainer of trainers – a special mixture that only the NGO sector can raise with love.
I have experience as: team leader and team member, partner, mother, advocate for human and reproductive rights, beloved, daughter, medical doctor, board member, international expert, consultant of patients, clients, municipalities, ministries and NGOs, evaluator of projects and organizations, author, funny stories teller, singer, colleague, friend.
I love a lot my: work, family, son, cat, friend, man – not exactly in this order, but it is how it came. I love diversity, travels, seaside and water as a whole, music, books, cinema, wine and hundreds of other things.
I do not miss the occasion to: make jokes of myself, the others and the real life; to make other people laugh, to advocate for a vulnerable person or animal and for an important cause.
As character I would describe myself as: a lovable idiot resistant optimist with not easy nature who is not taking herself too seriously. I am inspired by different people, art objects little and bid things. I love my work, because I do things in which I believe and that I love; because I do not lose the Freedom to be Me, to tell what I really mean and to strive for a better world. My work is connecting me with interesting and inspiring people that rarely can be met somewhere else. Day after day I try to not disappoint myself and my dreams and always to have new dreams and challenges…