Ralitsa Zgalevska / en

Copy of RALITZA-zGALEVSKARalitsa Zgalevska,

Projects coordinator (since 2013)

Graduated Public Relations (2008) and Russian Philology (1997) in Sofia University „Kliment Ohridski“. Experience gained as editor and coordinator of projects and different activities in publishing house, magazine for diplomats (2002–2011) and in NGO sector (1998–2001 and from 2013). Voluntary collaboration to the School Board of the Fifth School Ivan Vazov, Sofia (since 2010). Coordinator of the of the BFPA’s project Keep me Safe (2013 – 2015).

I love my family, riding bicycle in the town, all day long walking in mountain, swimming, reading inspiring books, trying “to catch” interesting situations on pictures, communicating with valuable persons, travelling and walking down streets of known and unknown places, being in peace with myself and in good relations with everyone around, looking for a sense in what I do. By nature I am a calm and unobtrusive person. I am inspired by the dynamics and diversity; also by enthusiasm, strong will, wisdom and experience of people who orient their knowledge and efforts to make good things. I love my job because it makes me feel I’m useful, allows flexibility and creativity, gives opportunities to learn new things and to meet different people and – not least – I have great colleagues to work with! I never intentionally do mischief, whenever I can – I try to contribute to change for improvement, how I can. It would be great if I could teach my children to do the same.