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Programme Manager

Coordinator, manager, evaluator, consultant and expert of programs in the field of the sexual and reproductive health – prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, provision of family planning services for vulnerable communities and people with difficult access to healthcare, prevention of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Out of Bulgaria, he has also experience in implementation of health initiatives and organizational development in other countries from Central and Eastern Europe. Currently he is chair of the management board of the Bulgarian Platform for International Development.

I graduated economics, “Management of business organization” (2001). While I studied I worked so I had many different jobs: my first regular position was as hodman. After that – shift man in a warehouse for foods. Very valuable experience as got used to carry. Somewhere at that time, in the first half of 90s, I have infused in the optimistic stream of the firm owners. The activity: “…everything allowed by the law”. In fact, initially I was involved in publishing and then – import and sales of office consumables. After that became hard times (inflation, bankrupts of clients) and closed the business. That’s how I was part of one of the biggest for the time companies for office equipment and consumables. Frankly said and even now I think that the social role of the business is underestimated and neglected. In 1997 I took part in assuring funding for one non-governmental organization that worked to ease the integration of Bessarabia Bulgarians in Bulgaria. This was my first direct contact with this area.
I like the history. I try also not to miss games, especially football games. Sometimes I play. This is my temper – I like the competition.

For my current job – this is a separate novel. Sometimes I am in absurd situation but I never forget that I rose in Uchbunar – one of the most romantic quarters of Sofia. This makes everything more realistic. In my beginning in BFPA I worked under the frame of a project for social marketing of contraceptives. In the same time we registered (maybe the first one) social enterprise in the country. Actually I was caught by the organization when we worked with people, whose destinies were familiar for me. Gradually I understood how important is the family planning concept and how many different ideas and disciplines are interrelated within it. So it was somehow natural to start to participate in family planning projects for marginalized communities. The most I like today is that more and more people understand this philosophy. And despite it is insufficient various municipality and state structures prioritize this issue. But there is still a lot to be done so I’ll do not quit. This competition is important!